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BMW 116i

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Price in Egypt:216,000EGP

Tyre dimensions front
195/55 R16 H
Tyre dimensions rear
195/55 R16 H
Wheel dimensions front
6,5J x 16 inch Steel
Wheel dimensions rear
6,5J x 16 inch Steel


Capacity in ccm
Stroke/bore in mm
72 / 84
Max. output in kW at 1/min
85 (115) / 6,000
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min
150 / 4,300

Weight in kg 

Unladen weight EU
Maximum permissible weight
Permitted load
Permitted axle load front/rear
840 / 1,000
Top speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h (in s)
Fuel consumption
Urban (l/100 km)
Extra-urban (l/100 km)
Composite (l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (g/km)
Further information about the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions for new passenger automobiles can be obtained from The Passenger Car (Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions Information).

200 injections in the blink of an eye.

The four-cylinder petrol engines in the BMW 116i, 118i and 120i.

On average, you blink about 10 times a minute. In this time, you miss 2,000 separate fuel injections supplying as little as 2 mg of fuel each time. This exceptional level of precision is made possible by the positioning of the piezo injectors which are located centrally between the valves. The engines in the BMW 116i, 118i and 120i with the Auto Start Stop function incorporate this cutting-edge technology allowing the car to operate in lean-burn mode for far longer and at far higher revs. This leads to improved efficiency, which in turn leads to better performance. Better performance from less fuel – what BMW EfficientDynamics is all about.

Fuel consumption / CO2 emissions

Combined fuel consumption: 5.8 to 6.4 l/100 km
Combined CO2 emissions: 139 to 152 g/km 
Hands-on experience.

The 6-speed transmission in the BMW 1 Series (five-door).

Smooth and responsive, the 6-speed manual transmissions in BMW 1 Series models make for dynamic driving at its best. Their standout features are the short-throw shifts, perfect ratios and optimum exploitation of torque. The optional 6-speed automatic delivers smooth driving with exceptional reaction speed, combining instant power when pulling out and reduced fuel consumption at high speeds. Drivers who prefer a more hands-on approach can activate Steptronic for manual gearshifts

Perfect coordination.

Active Steering in the BMW 1 Series 130i.

The optional Active Steering system adjusts the steering ratio to the car's speed - for greater driving comfort, faithful cornering and maximum agility. At low speeds, for example, it requires just two turns of the wheel from lock to lock. At higher speeds, it then increases the steering ratio to guarantee flawless forward progress. Active Steering also countersteers automatically if the BMW 1 Series 130i threatens to skid when cornering or braking.

The best is behind you.

Rear-wheel drive on the BMW 1 Series (five-door).

The rear-wheel drive in the BMW 1 Series imparts dynamic energy to every manoeuvre and plays a significant role in obtaining an ideal body weight distribution. The result? Incomparable agility, excellent handling and precision steering. Or, to put it another way: pure driving pleasure.

Proportionate loads, disproportionate driving pleasure.

The aluminium front axle in the BMW 1 Series (five-door).

Vehicles with front-wheel drive tend to have more weight on the front axle than the rear and as a result are liable to suffer from understeer when cornering at speed. Handling becomes difficult and the car tends to slide towards the outside of the bend. For this reason, weight distribution in the BMW 1 Series has been almost perfectly balanced between both axles. This improves handling and is the main reason why it is able to hold its line even in the fastest of bends.

Smooth course ahead.

Multi-link rear suspension in the BMW 1 Series (five-door).

Contributing significantly to the excellent equilibrium of the BMW 1 Series, the multi-link rear suspension has a complex structure that maximises agility by ensuring that wheel position is always spot on. It lets the BMW 1 Series express its dynamic nature while always ensuring uncompromising passenger comfort.

Redefining limits.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) in the BMW 1 Series (five-door).

For greater safety and for greater driving pleasure: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), an electronic chassis control system, is a standard feature on the BMW 1 Series. It constantly monitors the behaviour of the chassis and wheels. When it detects the threat of traction loss, it reduces drive power and applies precisely measured braking pressure to individual wheels. Skidding is prevented before it can start, as within milliseconds, the BMW 1 Series is stabilised. At the touch of a button, Dynamic Traction Control can also be activated for extra traction and more surefooted progress on difficult surfaces.

Less fuel, more driving pleasure.

BMW EfficientDynamics.

Behind BMW EfficientDynamics lies a package of intelligent features which considerably reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption while, at the same time, boosting performance. They ensure that the new BMW 1 Series sets new standards in terms of the efficiency and economy of its engine: it is one of the first BMWs to offer the new Auto Start Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration and a host of drivetrain modifications. Together, they solve the “power vs. fuel consumption” dilemma, in a way that’s never been seen before.

Because first impressions count.

The Start/Stop button on the BMW 1 Series (five-door).

You've made yourself comfortable, adjusted the position of the steering wheel, the headrest and the mirror. But the best is yet to come: the Start/Stop button. As soon as you press it, the engine instantly comes to life. A light touch of the accelerator is all that is needed to realise that the BMW 1 Series will keep its promise - pure driving pleasure guaranteed.

Driving pleasure guaranteed.

The BMW warranties.

If you buy a BMW 1 Series, you'll want driving pleasure to come as certain. For this reason, your BMW Service Centre offers a warranty for the bodywork of twelve years, and three years for the paintwork. For the entire automobile (excluding the replacement of worn parts), Original BMW Parts as well as Original BMW Accessories, BMW offers a warranty of two years, regardless of the mileage.


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