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Audi TT

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Price in Egypt:  650,000EGP
Price in USA: $37,800 - $40,800 
Engine: 2.0L I4 200HP
S line sport suspension:
The S line sports suspension from quattro GmbH give the compact sports car an even more emotional and dynamic presence.
The springs and dampers have a firmer tuning, which optimises contact with the road surface. Your Audi with optional sports suspension is 10 millimetres lower than with normal suspension.
Audi space Frame:
The Audi Space Frame is a high-strength aluminium frame structure into which all panels are integrated so that they also perform a load-bearing function. In connection with these high-strength aluminium panels, the aluminium body is noted for its exceptional rigidity, resulting in high crash protection, yet also for its substantially lower weight.

The benefits of aluminium in the Audi Space Frame are reflected not only in the low weight and the high rigidity of the body, but also in a level of design freedom for cast parts and complex profiles that is unattainable with steel panels. Advantages for the driver: greater safety, increased performance, improved handling, lower fuel consumption, ease of repair and attractive insurance premiums
Audi magnetic ride:
Using magnetic fields, Audi magnetic ride adjusts the firmness of the dampers to the current driving situation. It also gives the driver a choice of basic setting for either a more comfortable or a sportier drive.

Tiny magnetic particles are bound inside the basic oil in the dampers. When a magnetic field is applied, the magnetic particles are aligned against the direction of movement of the damper. As a result, the damping force of the damper is increased depending on the strength of the magnetic field. This allows the firmness of the dampers to be increased or decreased within a fraction of a second. A control unit computes the optimum damping force for the individual driving situation. It does so using information from the wheel travel sensors and communication with other systems such as the steering and ESP.
The quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles. Power to each axle leads to a low power requirement with very well balanced handling.
Especially on slippery road surfaces the quattro® permanent four-wheel drive guarantees more driving pleasure. If the wheels of one axle lose grip and threaten to spin, the drive torque is redirected in the central differential to the other axle, automatically and continuously. The quattro® technology takes into account the influence of the engine speed and torque, the wheel speeds and the forward and lateral acceleration. The result: better acceleration, greater lateral stability, improved traction and higher safety.
Bose Surround sound:
A new dimension in listening pleasure: the BOSE Sound System has been especially developed for the acoustic environment in the vehicle interior. It offers a magnificent sound experience. On all seats.
Thinking ahead: BOSE and Audi worked together closely right from the vehicle planning phase. As a result, the system’s individual components not only perfectly complement each other – they are also especially tuned to the interior acoustics. The BOSE Sound System with 8-channel amplifier is a new dimension in listening pleasure, especially as its 13 speakers are optimally positioned in the vehicle. For example, the centre speaker is on the dash panel. This ensures a consistent sound impression. The effect achieved is that all listeners can enjoy a natural, clear sound – an authentic music experience like in a concert hall.
Deluxe automatic air condition:
Just the desired climate on both sides: whether you are the driver or the front passenger – the separate controls on the deluxe automatic air conditioning provide you with your own individual interior climate, optimum air quality and a pleasant temperature.
Deluxe automatic air conditioning allows the passengers to feel comfortable and at ease – whatever the weather outside. With deluxe automatic air conditioning, regulation of the interior temperature takes into account the position of the sun. The advantage: the vehicle interior temperature is always maintained at the desired level as manually selected. Depending on the specification, the temperature and ventilation intensity in the vehicle interior can be individually adjusted for up to four separate zones.
Other benefits of deluxe automatic air conditioning:
Clear visibility: a special dehumidifying system prevents the windows from fogging when air humidity is high.
Clean air: an additional air quality sensor detects whether there is a high concentration of pollutants in the outside air. The deluxe automatic air conditioning system then switches automatically to air recirculation mode.
Individually memorised: the temperature and blower strength personally selected by the driver are stored for the particular key used when the ignition is switched off, and retrieved again when the ignition is next switched on with the same key.


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