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Jeep Grand cherokee 2011

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Price in Egypt:560,000EGP
Price in USA: $30,710 - $43,325

Definitely the most important launch for Chrysler Jeep and specifically, after the debacle, revived a true American icon, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 . Fiat boosted this project and now, the legendary Chrysler SUV comes with all its style and technical innovation to retake the course, the new announcement transmitted the essence.
This major step is represented in the slogan that accompanies the new TV ad 2011 Grand Cherokee, “The things we make, make us” or “The things we do, we do” , making it clear that Grand Cherokee imaginary part of the consumer’s SUV’s and the new Cherokee is loaded with effort, as evidenced in its design and quality. All you have after the jump.


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