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Cadillac produces nuclear car

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Company Cadillac SHOWS HER UNVEILED NEW NUCLEAR CAR, nuclear WTF  "world of thorium fuel", which is a substitute for the element uranium as nuclear fuel that is rather naturally , reliable design and resupplied with batteries that  generate energy from this fuel. Also Cadillac has done a lot of experiments and techniques to ensure safety to users through the use of many procedures and tests to measure the temperature of the motor and the car battery to make sure that their overriding temperature is required and  safe, which does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius.
This car have a lot of  benefits and unique characteristic ,Cadillac adopts new ads claim All new for the year 8000 .
Its design is very compact ,also its tires,each tire has an engine for it and produced from a specific material that does not need maintenance or change to a period of five years,and each tire contains 6 interior tires .
The Engineers that produced it stress that it is designed to work 100 years without the need to maintenance or fuel ,and its designer Loren Kelsis says that it will be used until year 8000 without the need of changing it due to its future design.


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