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Need for Speed Drag more than a game

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Each one of us have just played Need for speed but  you  might haven’t thought in a bigger way as this wonderful game developers,the shifting of the car at a specified RPM this specified wasn't from their imagination but from experiments on cars that  are used in the game.

In Drag option you are using a manual car and trying to drag with it by shifting the car when a green lamp shows up the speedometer to get perfect shift and the car gets fastest but this isn’t important.
The important thing is that you know in your real life that shifting your car @ specified RPM definitive for your car and may vary from a car to another you can easily protect your car’s motor and consume less fuel while driving your car in a good dragged safe way.
I mean that all you need is to hear the sound of the engine when it becomes moderate noisy shift your car @ this RPM for all speeds and then you will be environment friendly and also a moderate dragger not perfect but you are going to  protect your car by this way.


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