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Video: Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed - Dangerous Corners

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Gran Turismo 5 may be today’s standard-bearer as far as racing games are concerned, but there’s something that’s become pretty evident about its competition with Need for Speed. The former could learn a few things from the latter on the art of the ‘hype’ machinery.
Unlike GT5, which was subjected to more delays than a Charlie Sheen rehab stint, the folks over at Electronic Arts are building up the release of Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 Unleashed in such a seamless manner, we’re actually getting more excited for this game than we were when GT5 finally dropped on shelves late last year.
With the release of NFS: SHIFT 2 Unleashed just a few days, the people behind the game’s marketing has released another promotional video of the game – quite arguably, the best one we’ve seen – featuring Time Attack champ, Chris Rado. In the video, Rado discusses the thrills and dangers that come with some of the most breathtaking and dangerous corners in auto racing today. From the world famous Eau Rouge at Spa-Franchorchamps to the sharp corners of ‘The Mine’ at the Nurburgring, these corners are both famous and infamous, with the latter serving reminder that the slightest twitch of the car ends up becoming a one-way ticket to the concrete walls. No ifs and buts about if; these corners have taken many a racecar. Need for Speed wants to know: are you up for it?


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