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BMW participates in newest Hollywood movie

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BMW I8 goes from United Arab Emirates precisely in Dubai to participate in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol that is produced by Paramount pictures.

The High performance and the low emission of polluted gas helped this car to participate in Mission Impossible 4 .
Also, one of the BMW cars will take part in the next movie of Tom Cruise, parts of which Dubai is the concept of BMW Efficient Dynamics vision of the car.

For his part, Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Sales and Marketing said We Are very pleased to participate once again in Hollywood films, BMW Group is always seeking to develop and consider for the future with a focus on sustainability. 

One great example is the concept of BMW EfficientDynamics vision of the car that will be presented in the film. With Future design and large glass facades, and provides a perspective for the future a great car with the absolute driving pleasure.


Ivo Beutler said on :

I haven't watched MI:4 yet, but if this is the car Tom Cruise used in it, it definitely piqued my interest! That BMW is a candidate for the best cars of the 21st century, and Tom Cruise using it in a Mission Impossible movie strengthens its case as a candidate!

mimo said on :

@Ivo Beutler
it is a great car
BMW has amazed me with this concept car and after i have seen it in MI 4
i was impressed by all its feature
also i love toyota fun

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