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BMW is Working On concept cars I4 And I5 Models

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bmw concept i4 i5
Bmw unveiled new i3 and i8 concept cars,which lead the company to make new i model cars more environment friendly and more sustainable i brand.
According to BMW insider Scott27, the company is already preparing two new vehicles - the i4 and i5 - which should debut sometime towards the end of the decade.

The BMW i4 will be a sportier version of the i3, translating into a 2-seats mini-sports car. It will feature a plug-in electric or range-extended electric drivetrain. The BMW i5, on the other hand, will be a mid-sized four-door sedan with coupe-like design cues. It will feature sleek aerodynamics and rear hinged doors, while being powered by the same powertrain found in the i8. Both models will use the same cutting-edge CFRP technology as the other two BMW i models.
These may only be rumors right now, but it would be hard to believe that BMW would not want to capitalize on being the first brand to have a full lineup of electric vehicles. The future is green, folks, and BMW is already ramping up their marketing efforts for their new subbrand, so filling in the slots between the i3 and the i8 probably isn’t too far-fetched.
BMW i8 

BMW i8

BMW i4BMW i4


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