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Summer maintenance for your car

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Cars needs a yearly maintenance to perform better and become efficient in the usage of fuel,so every driver needs some tips and ideas to make a good maintenace for the car.
These maintenance will increase the life time of your car so periodically use make these checks:

1-You need to check the oil of your engine which is similar to the blood of your body in its importance,
way to check if the oil of your car needs to be changed or not   and
how to choose the oil of your car depending on the climate of yur region

2-After checking the oil you need to check the water in the radiator of your car as the temperature is becoming very high in some regions,
and very low in other regions;  every year you need to clean the radiator and put in it green water (that contain ethylen glycol which helps water not to be frozem im very low temperature and not to evaporate in high temperature and an anti rust) that can be found in any petrol station.

3-the tyres are similar to your legs if they are good car will consume less fuel (due to the friction between the tyre and the road) so you will need to check  for the pressure of the tyre
and if the tyre is old and its pressure is slowing periodically(usually short period)  you need to buy a tyre and to choose the suitable one for your car


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