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How to Choose the suitable Tires for your car?

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We will Speak about getting suitable tires by:

1 - the atmosphere where you  will lead the car (Hot or cold).
2 - the speed with which you lead your car.
3 - date of manufacture of the tire.

First: The Temperature of the air:

There are the following categories (A - B - C) that are  classified by the manufacturers,
The following table shows each category and the right atmosphere to it.
High temperature places
Medium temperatures
Cold places
In Egypt we use A or B,but in the Golf area they must use A category.
Second: Speed:
Manufacturers of tires in the world to create the frame on the grounds that it assumes a maximum speed,
I therefore wish to choose the tire of high-speed,
This does not mean we encourage you to high speed, but we recommend that you get a tire of high speed for your own safety,
But the greater  symbol of the speed  the quality of the tire get increased.
Third: we speak about the Date of production:It is very important to choose the tire  for a modern production so as to avoid errors of storage which could cause the tire to explode,the date of production is usually on the side of the Tire , and consists of three to four numbers,
the number in first from the left indicate the week number,
The numbers  from the right indicate the year of manufacture and usually precede the word (DOT) Latin.
For example:
DOT 2000
.Means that the framework product in the Twenty-week calendar year 2000 and so on.


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