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Driving tips and hints that everyone should know

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Driving Hints and Tips

These are driving tips and hints that every driver should know and use them in his driving which will help him preventing accidents and misuse of his car so try to focus in these tips.

Plan Your Journey

Before you set off on a journey plan it. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Allow for any complications that may occur and don't get stressed its better to arrive safe than not at all.

Check Your Car

Check you're brake lights: they do blow and just because you can't see them is no excuse. They are the only advance warning to cars behind that you are slowing also a car with no brake lights will not be taken out for a Driving Test. They should be checked once a week as well as your oil.

Don't Get Angry

Remember when driving that you do not own the road you share it, from time to time there will be mistakes made, allow for them, don't get angry the next mistake might be yours and you would like another driver to allow for your mistakes.

Check Your Tires

Example 1: Badly Worn Tire This is an example of a badly worn tire as you can see the right of the tire is worn very badly and is dangerous as the wire re-enforcement is showing through. If you look down the center of the tires you can see the thread depth markers in the three grooves. If your tires are worn to these markers they need replacing
Example 2: Brand New Tire This is an example of a new tire and as you can see the difference is clear. If you are uncertain about your tires call into your local tire center and they will be pleased to carry out a tire check for you.

Hope these driving tips helped you....


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