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Super Bowl Ad: Hyundai Plays Hypnotic Mind Tricks To Promote The Elantra

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We normally don’t subscribe to these types of marketing campaigns because they’re plainly of the annoying variety, but Hyundai did a pretty darn good job at executing it that we actually liked the whole theme of hypnosis.
Playing the age old visual mind trick, Hyundai worked on the idea that the Elantra is more than just a compact car and tells consumers that they need to rid themselves of their preconceived notions of what a compact car really is.
The whole idea of "snapping out of it" plays exactly into Hyundai’s hands. For the most part, at least as far as the Korean manufacturer is concerned, the Elantra is a car that’s far from boring and actually has better mileage - 40 mpg, according to Hyundai - than most people think.
Even if it means resulting into playing the whole hypnosis mind trick routine, Hyundai is all for it so as long as people begin to realize that the Elantra is a lot better car than most people give it credit for.
As the ad vehemently declares, it’s going to be a mass-deprogramming of an unprecedented scale when the commercials hit the tubes..


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