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1-Car loan in Egypt:
a-Credit Agricole bank:

How does it work?
  • Loan amount up to EGP1,000,000
  • Possible financing up to 100% of car price
  • Loan period up to 5 years
  • Used car financing available under certain conditions
  • Car insurance available at special rates  SOON 

Eligibility for Employed
  • Egyptian citizenship
  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Maximum age of 65 years at loans maturity
  • Minimum 3 months with current employer
  • Minimum net monthly income EGP2,000

What documents are needed to apply?
  • Photocopy of identification card
  • Authorized salary certificate
  • Recent original gas or electricity bill with current address

Eligibility for Self-Employed and Professions
  • Egyptian citizenship
  • Minimum age 25 years
  • Maximum age of 65 years at loans maturity
  • Business established for a minimum of 3 years

What documents are needed to apply?
  • Photocopy of identification card
  • Valid Taxation card and commercial register or operating license
  • One-years' worth of bank statements
  • Recent original gas or electricity bill with current address

Eligibility for Employed and Self Employed & Professions with NO Income Proof
Special terms and conditions to apply
  • Cash Down payment from 50% of car value
  • Egyptian citizenship
  • Minimum age 21 years for employed and 25 years for Self Employed
  • Maximum age of 65 years at loans maturity

What documents are needed to apply?
  • Photocopy of identification card

  • Recent original gas or electricity bill with current address

How to Apply

Simply visit your nearest Crédit Agricole Egypt branches to fill in the application and bring all the required documents listed above

For More Information
b-CIB bank:

through its platinum sponsorship of the auto exhibition “Automech”, CIB launched its distinguished auto loan program during the exhibition’s proceedings which started today and will continue until the 9th June at the Cairo International Conference Fair Ground.
An integrated team of bank employees were present at the exhibition where they explained CIB’s range of auto loan programs and services, and also answered visitor’s inquiries on how to benefit from the programs in a way that suits their needs.
As for participation in the “Automech” exhibition, Mr. Khaled Barakat, CIB Consumer Loans Head, said, “We participate in the exhibition out of the Bank’s strong keenness on communicating with its clients, and informing them of the latest programs and services in the auto loan field. Automech Akhbar Al-Youm was the best choice as a platform to get closer to our clients and our partners in success from car dealers.”
CIB offers auto loan finance services through six different programs that suit the needs of a wide range of society brackets. The loan is paid off in fixed installments and loan values range between 15 and 600 thousand pounds. The payment period ranges between one and six years with competitive interest rates.
CIB auto loans are distinguished by unprecedented advantages including the fast completion of loan procedures (within 24 hours), as the bank has one of the strongest verification units which help it to take immediate decisions.
In this context, Mr. Khaled Barakat said, “The Bank ranks in a high position in the auto loan field and has done so in record time due to thorough and meticulous studies of the Egyptian market. This takes place within the Bank’s wish to offer new and distinguished services to those who are interested in receiving auto loans. CIB always tries to alleviate financial burdens on clients as much as possible through affordable installments and competitive interest rates.”
CIB deals with more than 120 car agents across the country, and the Bank employs specialized auto sales staff to guarantee easy and fast access to loans.
Aiming to do as much as it can for its clients, the Bank requires only a limited number of documents to complete the loan application. CIB car loans do not have guarantees such as ‘sale by proxy’ agreements and are available for all types of ordinary passenger cars.
CIB is one of Egypt’s largest banks with more than 156 branches covering all governorates, each of them can provide auto loan financing; offering auto loan services for clients all over the country. To ensure efficient and convenient communication with its clients everywhere, CIB was the only bank to offer mobile banking services, and currently works on introducing even more services in far out and unreachable areas of the country.
For even further convenience, CIB offers the possibility of paying installments via its vast network of Electronic Depositary Machines around the clock, clients can also inquire about all auto loan issues through call centers throughout the day.
2-Best new Car Loan rates:

Auto Loan Interest Rates

TypeRateLast Week
36 month new car6.16%6.16%
48 month new car6.24%6.23%
60 month new car6.29%6.28%
36 month used car6.50%6.50%
48 month used car6.32%6.38%

Auto loan tricks:
NEW YORK ( - New car buyers are taking out longer and longer loans to finance their vehicle purchases, according to data from the Consumer Bankers Association. More than half of new carloans made by the group's member institutions were for five years or longer.
That marks the first time that most new car loans have been written for more than five years, the group said. The biggest jump was in six-year loans.
At the same time, leasing is also increasing in popularity, according to data from J.D. Power and Associate's Power Information Network. Leases accounted for more than 21 percent of U.S. new-vehicle sales between December of last year and February of this year. That's the highest level in five years.
The biggest motivation for this, experts say, is that people want to buy more expensive cars without actually paying more each month.
"They want more car, they want more luxury and they're stretching out their loans," said Jack Nerad, editorial director at Kelley Blue Book and author of the "Complete Idiots Guide to Buying or Leasing a Car."
Prices for vehicles of the same size with the same features have actually been going down in recent years, but buyers are purchasing larger vehicles with more luxury features, said Paul Taylor, chief economist for the National Automobile Dealer's Association..
The improving quality of cars may embolden some buyers to take out longer loans, said Taylor. With today's cars routinely running for well over 100,000 miles, customers don't worry about being forced to buy a newone.
There are serious downsides to this approach, though. Besides paying thousands more in interest, buyers taking out long car loans are more likely to find themselves in a financial bind if they need a new car again in just a few years. That could happen because of an accident or simply because a car owner is tempted by a newer model.
They could well find themselves "upside down," meaning that they owe more money on their current car than it's worth. Ordinarily, a new car buyer would simply trade in or sell their old car and use the money they get from that to pay off any remaining loan balance. In this situation, that's not possible.
Longer-term loans increase the chances of that happening.
One commonly-used solution is simple. The remaining balance from the old car loan is refinanced as part of the new car loan and, to keep payments low, the new loan term is stretched out some more. "Financing of over 100 percent of the car's value is not unusual these days," said Nerad.
The loans, then, keep getting longer and longer.
Solutions to the problem
Some car buyers who find themselves "upside down" when going to get their next vehicle probably should have considered leasing. For customers who normally change cars every few years, leasing can make more sense than repeatedly "flipping" cars.
In a lease, the customer pays an agreed upon amount each month to keep the car for a set period of time, usually just a few years. The amount the customer pays is based on the amount of value the vehicle loses during that time.
Leasing works best for customers who are sure they will drive no more than an agreed-upon number of miles per year -- usually about 15,000 -- and who take good care of their cars. Lease contracts include penalties for damages to the car.
If leasing isn't right for you, make sure to research your financing options before going to the dealership. You don't have to take the financing offered by the dealership.
Often, the car company's own financing arm will offer an unbeatable deal, said Brian Reed, vice-president of Capitol One Auto Finance, an independent company that offers pre-approved loans. Having another arrangement ready to go, however, could at least give you some negotiating leverage.
Another way to keep monthly payments down is to simply purchase a less expensive vehicle. With cars lasting longer, used cars can offer a viable, and much less expensive, alternative to a new car, Nerad points out.
When shopping for a car, keep your eye firmly on the price, not the monthly payment. There's no point to discussing monthly payments until you've negotiated the lowest possible price first.