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1-Car Insurance in Egypt:

Misr Insurance company provide yearly insurance on your car by taking from you only 4% from the value of your car and maintain your car if your car was  destroyed totally or partially.
The importance of insurance supplemental auto
The insurance supplementary car provides security to the owner of the car (insured) because the insurance company contributes to compensate for the loss or loss or damage, partial damage his car in case of check risk other words to be the owner of the car in the psychological comfort source of reassurance in the event of an accident will Company insurance to repair the car or being able to buy another similar.
What is a supplementary insurance on the cars?
Supplementary insurance is divided into four types according to the coverage: According to the volume of coverage begin then at least those most comprehensive and less of them and choose what suits the client.
·         Insurance supplementary car covers loss or damage to the kidneys or partial hit the car insured, accessories and spare parts also cover civil liability by a third party for the material damage also covers fire, theft, 00 other words that the insurance company to compensate the insured vehicle owner for any loss resulting from loss of damage or partial or total a car in case of danger or check when there is an accident of the car insured.
·         Responsibility of the city by a third party only for physical damage.
·         Third-party civil liability for material damage, fire and theft.
·         Fire and theft for cars filed.
What is the civil liability of third-party coverage and supplementary insurance policy on cars?
The company undertakes in the event of an accident caused or resulting from the use of the car insured to compensate the insured in the scope of the condition of responsibility - for all the necessary amounts painWmn by law to pay, including legal costs and fees and that in compensation for thedamage, which affects objects owned by them except for the insured or any member of his family residing with him or have filed or are in the guard or under surveillance
Can the insurance on the car idled for work?
Can be insured on the car idled for action against fire or theft in one case only, was hoisted and not to reform an accident that is, the insurance company responsible for any damage or loss of whole or partial happen to the car filed an accident fire or theft and if you use the car insured or to move and achieve the insured risk shall not be covered even if the risk of fire or stolen
And require that the disruption to a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks.
Is it possible to modify the type of supplementary coverage from fire and theft?
If the car is insured during the period of insurance may be the work of this Amendment upon written notice from the insured to the insurance company off the supplementary document and to limit coverage of the dangers of fire and theft only 
In this case, issued a new document or other special supplement of the original document.
If the supplementary document, covering more than one car in the case of disabled car and one for work may be suspended coverage for this car to be broken.
Advantages enjoyed by the customers cars
·         Insurance companies give benefits to its customers in the form of reduced insurance premium Supplementary different kinds of cars as a feature to attract customers, these discounts:
o    Multi-car discount
o    Discount Groups
o    Discount endurance
o    Discount not prompted
What is known about multi discount?
This discount special supplementary documents only. 
When a client's insurance more than car and be owned by him (and not to the owners of participants) or be insured by the other car belonged to his wife or one of his sons in the palace.
Gives a percentage discount multi discount of 10% of insurance premiums for each car.
This rate constant can not be changed in case of renewal insurance note that this particular multi-car discount or taxes only and does not apply to commercial vehicles. 
This discount does not apply to multi-document collections.
What is the condition discount groups
Give a discount on your insurance premium for all cars the client in the case of car fleet starting a car and more than twenty 
And require that all of these cars are registered on behalf of the client to pass.
Begins discount groups by 20% gradually until it reaches 50% upon renewal of insurance to increase or reduce the percentage of discount car kits according to the results the client (the rate of losses for the last three years.)
What is the discount endurance 
This discount special supplementary documents only apply to private cars and commercial insurance premium and reduces a certain percentage for the amount borne by the insured of the value of compensation payable for every incident of the car insured.
The discount rate
Tolerance levels
0.2% of the amount of insurance
0.3% of the amount of insurance
0.4% of the amount of insurance
What do you know are not prompted for a discount?
·         This discount special supplementary documents only and apply to all types of documents.
·         Gives the insured the proportion of annual premium in case of failure to submit any claim during the periods prior to the renewal of insurance document directly
For a period of
After one year to secure a first
After the past two consecutive years previous
After three consecutive years prior
After four consecutive years previous