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Video: Ferrari celebrates 8 million fans by doing a 458 Italia burnout

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There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that Ferrari is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.
In today’s world of social media, the Italian automaker has taken advantage of its worldwide popularity to draw in a ridiculous amount of fans on its Facebook page, proving without question that pretty much everybody and their mothers know what the Prancing Horse badge is.
Recently, Ferrari celebrated a pretty significant Facebook milestone after earning 8 million fans on Facebook. So what did they do to earmark this occasion?
They decided to bring a Ferrari 458 Italia to an empty road and let the mighty Ferrari supercar drift to its heart’s content. But more than just the burning rubber and the smoking tires, the drift stunt itself carried its own significant message, one that will be revealed at the tail end of the video?
What exactly is this message? Well, stop waiting for answers and just watch the video.


Anonymous said on :

Ferrari is the best car i have ever seen :D

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