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A student draws new generation of Chrysler 200

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A student draw the new concept generation of Chrysler 200 that impresses everyone who views its concept design.

It seems that Lawrence Institute students to technology and design cars based in michigan American  no lasting creativity and excellence, a few days ago we published a prospective graphics students of this Institute for new generation of Ford Toros Luxury sedan. 

Today, another student of the same Institute “Bonathan Cullen “ publishes a  predictive of what is expected of the new generation of Chrysler 200 decision put forward for the first time next year before commercialization in the marketplace 2014 world. 

This and assume that the sketches the basic profiles of prospective new design language from Chrysler new generations of different models, but at the same time also bear some features ginisis luxury sedan, Hyundai Saw pictures below and leave the last sentence you ...


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