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Chevrolet Sonic is now in the Middle East

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Chevrolet introduced a new hatchback car Sonic which have been lately shown in the Middle East market with its powerful engine 1600cc, i think this car is amazing for teenagers.The American company  in Dubai, explained that the new car will be available in the Arab region with two models different, the  sedan model will have a Luggage box storage with capacity of 466 liters, while the hatchback model comes equipped with a luggage capacity of 253  Liters. 

Spy photos for the upcoming monster Dodge Durango 2012

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Dodge  impresses us with its totally new 2012 Durango which come with new features and a powerful engine which will satisfy the needs of the users.
Dodge company have done lots of experiments in Europe on this car so it could be safer and powerful than the old one .

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia teenager car with high capabilities

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Ferrari 485 Italia is the best car that you can dream to get one like it but these are just dreams because it is too expensive.
In this post ,i will try to show all the features of this wonderful car.