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Dangerous Substances in Automobiles

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There are many car enthusiasts in the world today and have a passion for cars. There are also those who are becoming enthusiasts. There are many who don’t know the dangers lurking in automobiles. Did you know that your car could be the very thing that is causing all the damage to your body, and not the diet, lifestyle, smoking, sleep, and exercise habits you have? It's true. The toxic chemicals in cars can be just as responsible for cancer as other factors herein listed. There are several toxic chemicals in cars, and even after lawmakers outlawed so much asbestos in car manufacturing in the 1990s, car manufacturers are still up to their old ways in adding new and dangerous chemicals to the mix. It's cheaper to make cars with dangerous chemicals than it is to use all clean chemicals. And dangerous chemicals sometimes make it all work. But, up until a few decades ago, car manufacturers were actually using asbestos in their car manufacturing like brake pads, linings, clutches, etc. Asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma, and exposure is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Getting all stuck in a car that is leaching asbestos and having to drive on a long road trip for many miles can really take a toll on your body.

Asbestos exposure on old cars, classic cars, and tuner cars was once more of an issue than today's modern cars because auto mechanics had to work on the cars for hours at a time, and they inhaled all the chemicals that were originally used in the cars' manufacturing, but also all the other chemicals that were once used to help repair, tweak, modify, and alter cars. But the startling fact is that the new chemicals in cars are not just in old muscle cars and tuner cars, but also in today's most modern cars from the top manufacturers across the industry.

The Ecology Institute, a non-profit institute based in Michigan, has found that car manufacturers were using high levels of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing of their cars. In fact, that new car smell that everyone knows and loves is actually
benzene leaking out. There is a chemical behind every smell. It doesn't just arise naturally. It comes from the benzene. Benzene has been linked to birth defects, allergies, immune problems, cancer, and asthma. It's not a good chemical to be inhaling. What's worse is that cars have windows 360 degrees so that hot sun comes in through the windows, and it causes the chemicals to leach off. Sun breaks down the chemicals, and they can escape into the air. The hot UV rays of the sun are what makes it happen.

Car manufacturers need to step up to the plate and make their cars more useful to drive in, but also safer. If they don't make their cars safer, they could end up with a load of angry consumers on their hands.


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