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Daimler confirms Maybach brand to be ended at the end of 2013

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In the last decade we have seen that some companies returned to the past to chart its future, Beginning in the revival of the BMW Mini brand, leading to re-style with a smile the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, And the end of the re-mortality myth Small 500, but it seems that the giant manufacturer Daimler-Benz discovered the painful way that this method may not always work.

We have recognized giant in the words of Riisea «Dieter Zetsche» that the manufacturer German giant to accept defeat after a decade of revival Maybach brand «Mybak for some» luxury «Zetsche», said in an interview with German daily newspaper «Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung», it is logical to talk For new models of the brand, also confirmed that it will end soon when the Maybach brand offering the next generation of elite leader «Mercedes - Benz S Class».
The re-Daimler Maybach brand to life in an attempt to compete with competitors in the category of Ultra-luxury sedan, like the Bentley for a Volkswagen, and Rolls Royce with a BMW, was presented a copy of the experimental luxury saloon in Tokyo Motor Show 1997, after five years, began two copies of the same car in the access to the galleries Display, two Maybach 57, 62 initial estimates of about 2000 requests annually, Stqtans half the U.S. market.
Has registered the mark of 1,112 luxury units sold, but the problem is that this is not a Maybach annual sales in the U.S. Nations, but the total sales from 2003 to 2010.
The year 2004, the best year for the Maybach brand in America, where it sold only 244 cars, and Daimler's decision to close the brand in 2013 and focus on the «Mercedes - Benz S Class », having lost the lead of the market share in the luxury car company BMW since 2005, falling to third place behind the Audi this year.


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