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Vauxhall’s electric city car concept environment friendly

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This is the new environment friendly Vauxhall concept cars but it haven't got a model name so we can call it  super electric car.
Vauxhall amazes us with its new concept electric car with its fantastic design and high abilities which will be discussed in this post.

It's a two-seat urban runabout "inspired by the Ampera". Both those seats are in tandem, and the battery-powered,will have a 60-mile range and a top speed of 75mph. No drivetrain details have been released, but the Ampera runs a petrol engine to recharge the batteries and power the electric motor.

It's also mooted to weigh roughly "a third of a small modern car", putting it at just over 300kg if we take a 1,070kg Corsa as a guide. That's light. Vauxhall also claims its got "production potential"...

The 'Thing' is aimed at younger drivers and "those on a very tight budget", and we'll get further details when it hits the floor at next week's Frankfurt motor show.

Are you at all excited by a small, affordable city car that's electric? Share your opinion...


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