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stay awake when driving

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When driving long distances, especially at night, it is common to want to doze off, especially after a long, tiring day. This, of course, is a dangerous situation.  what can be done to stay awake and keep driving?

 1- Keep your taste buds awake, drink an energy drink. This may raise your level of alertness for a reasonable amount of driving time. Suck or munch on an apple, orange, or even a lemon to keep taste buds awake. The more tangy the food item the better. (Pull over somewhere safe before eating anything that you can't just pop in your mouth, however. Eating while driving can also cause accidents).

2- Eat slowly. If you have a snack that comes in small pieces, eat them one at a time. Otherwise, take small bites of whatever you've got. Make it last. The more active you are, the easier it'll be to stay awake.

3- Drink beverages slowly. Coffee works especially well since it contains caffeine, which might keep you awake. Also, the frequent bathroom stops will help your mind stay alert for the next rest area!

4- Listen to music that you hate. The more annoying you find it, the better. Whatever you do, don't listen to music you like, especially if it's rhythmic and soothing. You'll go into your happy zone and start to nod off. If possible, tune to a station that you normally can't stand--the variety of a radio station will help. Put the volume up high.

5- Sing along. Or, have a conversation with someone in the car. (Avoid talking on a cell phone, though, as this brings its own set of dangerous risks.) Singing and talking are both active things you can do that won't interfere with your driving.

6- Open the window. A strong, cold wind in your face can help you stay alert, although make sure it doesn't dry out your eyes to the point of challenging how well you can see (this is especially common if you wear contact lenses).

7- Periodically shake your head from side to side and take a deep breath. Slap your own face if you have to.

8- Consider prescription medication if sleepiness while driving is an unavoidable hazard, such as if you have shift work sleep disorder (SWSD).

9- Place the seat in a position you are not used to. Be sure not to place your seat into such a position that the airbag will injure you if deployed. But make sure you keep a good visibility of the road and the mirrors. When you get used to it, change the position again!

10- Do something that engages more than one sense... crunching on ice chips or eating sunflower seeds are great because it keeps you engaged but not distracted from the road.

11- Eat ice. It's hard to explain why, but this works extremely well for some people. You don't necessarily have to crunch it, so perhaps it's something about the cold. It works well for afternoon meetings, too.

12- Eat sunflower seeds. Whether one at a time or a mouthful, the action of cracking the seed, manipulating the seed in your mouth, removing the seed, and discarding the shell will keep your mind active and awake. Remember to keep a plastic cup in the car to spit the shells into (or due to their size, you might be able to get away with spitting them out the window).

13- Chew Gum. It stops the yawning, which stops the dozing off. I know this gum trick from my own experience. Thank God I learned this gum secret. Just make sure you keep chewing even if your mouth gets tired of chewing. When the flavor is gone, get another piece and keep chewing, don't stop chewing. If driving makes you sleepy, try this. I am a truck driver. It works great for me! Good Luck!


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