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Malaysian environment friendly Saladin Bike

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CHEAP PEDAL POWER... Rosmawati (left) and Fauziah with their company's battery-powered bicycles, which were displayed at the 'Buy Malaysian Products' Mega Expo held at the KLCC .
Available in several variants, the bicycle, which uses technology adapted from Korea, Germany and China; costs from RM2,200 to RM2,950 each. Pic: Fatimah Azman

This Steel bike is provided by the Saladin Bumi Cycle bike-energy and is characterized by  high push energy , the bike weight does not exceed 30 kg and can afford to load up to 100 kg and its maximum  speed range up to 80 km/h.
This bike can be quickly  recharged and it  is not harmful to the environment, and is better than car and public transport buses,its small size makes them have high ability to maneuver and very easy to be put in wait yards.
Don't you think like me to get one !!!


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