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Hackers can open car doors using text messages (SMS)

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Don Bailey and Mathew Solnik

have announced that they have discovered a security exploit and they have succeeded using it in opening car doors by just sending SMS (that would be a nightmare for car owners).
The researcher will discuss this exploit in the conference of the black hat that will be held in the USA under the title of  "War of text messages and interact with devices on the telephone network" after failing the attention of many manufacturers of security systems for cars to this exploit, only after this announcement , where the work of both Matthew and Bailey not to publish the exact details of this research  to the public in order to give manufacturers the possibility to remedy the matter .
This gap is in the program responsible for making the driver of the car opens and closes the doors of his car through his mobile phone,this feature allows hackers to control the program by protocols responsible for the communication link between the program and the driver.
The Discoverers of the gap said that it was easier than they thought , we started analysing the system and understanding  the protocols that are responsible for linking between car and driver in only two hours of time, the thing that helped us  a video shows the good work of the service to open the doors of the car via cell phone.
Bailey said that they will discuss this exploit in the next two weeks in the Black hats conference but he won't mention the names of the companies that he succeeded  in penetrating its doors.


Erica | car side graphics said on :

The power of technology when put in the wrong hands can be dangerous. This is actually the first time I heard about this and if this is really true then we should be more cautious.

mimo said on :

@Erica | car side graphics
this is true but the discoverer is a security expert and will provide his discovery to manufacturers which is a good thing :D

Erica | car side graphics said on :

That's really a good news! I think companies that are related to the field of technology is initiating this type of research to make sure that their security will be much better.

mimo said on :

@Erica | car side graphics
yeah you are right that they must be involved in this research to make more security :D
hope you liked my blog :D :D

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