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General Motors recalls 10,000 Chevrolet Impala 2012

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 several years ago, Recalls don't  only include  cars produced over the years in several markets, problems began to emerge after use, but now  it no longer takes several years to identify the most important problems of new cars, But also exposed the errors of engineering and construction boom, thanks to investigators and safety which is working to control the auto market.

 General Motors has announced the recall of a number of 10.344 car Chevrolet impala 2012 due to a problem in the enhanced system Steering wheel (Power Steering), which confirmed the safety of American roads - responsible for the call - that the cars mentioned and produced in the period between April 19, 2011, to July 29th 2011, suffers from the problem of the system of promotion in the steering wheel back To an error in the engineering design of the system. 
Where I discovered that the road safety one of the oil pipelines of the system reflects very close to the processing unit located in the exhaust system to expel the exhaust underneath the vehicle, a piece known for their high degree of Temperature during the operation of the vehicle by the passage of gases expelled from the engine of them all the time. 
The danger in this design in the possibility of melting heat transfer oil line leading to damage to the line and fall of oil on the road while walking, which could harm Road users and passengers in the car.


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mimo said on :

I am not a car seller but if i was one i would sell to anyone :D
by the way nice link but the next time if a link is posted for ad purposes it will be deleted..

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