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Drifting with an automatic car impossible is nothing

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Drift is a really amusant driving style for teenagers but i really don't like it however i know how to do it ,
and now i will share with you the best way to drift with an automatic car easily but try to drive safely and before drifting with a car just remember that it will abuse:
your car's tires,
the environment because of the white smoke that comes out from the tire.
The engine of your car.

So be careful while trying this on your car.

 when you go into a turn cut the wheel hard then let off the gas and slam it hard and you will slide right through it!
but be careful or you'll spin out and possibly get injured,this is an easy way but there is another way to drift with your automatic car while starting from rest.
First press  the gas of your car while being on N shift then move the shift from N to D rapidly and you will find a cool drift that is made by your automatic car ,but be careful and never do this in a crowded street just do it in a safe place where there 's no people there.


Smith said on :

Thanks for sharing this way and i agree it is dangerous on your car :D

mimo said on :

you are welcome :D

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