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Video: AMG Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 2

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Mercedes USA is out to teach us all a little something through their AMG Driving Academy Performance series, and their second episode highlights the need to learn how to brake (AMG style) which is very important to all drivers.
In this episode, AMG Driving Academy instructor, Tommy Kendall, explains the apparent contradiction that to go fast, you must first learn how to go slow which will give you full control on your car at high speed. The video will show Tommy as he demonstrates the fundamentals of braking, including threshold braking and trail braking.
Most drivers feel the need to speed at some point or another, so learning how to keep control of your car through braking is an absolute must in order to have your thrills and still be able to walk away from the experience. In our opinion, every automaker that produces high performance vehicle - such as the AMG models by Mercedes - should offer these same type of training course for their customers.


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