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Gaddafi's riding a rocket of its design

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Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, an internationally known fashion wear vibrant, sleeping in Bedouin tents wherever he went, and wear large buttons provocative, and running under heavily armed guard of women.

Another example of strange Gaddafi, the car designed by himself, which claims to Libya as the most safest car on the face of the earth but they do not remember any other details to confirm this claim.

Made car called (rocket mass) of the Salon of five seats with front and tail of a rocket engine and backed V6230bhp, and launched at the Organization of African Unity, which was organized by Colonel Gaddafi in 2009.

"The Rocket" The Libyan equipped with air bags, electronic defense system, collapsible and bumpers are supposed to help in case of collision, which raises the question of what is "electronic defense system"? Apparently, no one knows what is and how it works.

Describes the company's president Dokhila scoops Arab Jamahiriya for domestic investment, which produced a model car as "a revolution in automotive history," he said. "Leader spent many hours of his time thinking about an effective solution, until he reached the car the safest in the world."


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