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How to protect your car's engine from malfunctions?

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Your car is known to be an investment of yours so you should be careful in the usage of it ,you might ask yourself why should you protect your car's engine all you need to know is that the engine is the heart Red heart of your car so by protecting it you are protecting your whole carWinking smile

The tips to protect your car's engine

  1. Try to check continuously your engine’s oil if you don’t know how to check it open this post.
  2. Try to check the water inside your car and change it with green water which is better for your car.
  3. Stop running with your car @ high rpm without changing the gear of your car because this will cause your engine to consume more oil and more petrol  .
  4. Put good gender of petrol into your car (the specified one by the manufacturer).
  5. Try to change the parts of your car on the specified time of change with genuine parts.
Hope i Helped you with this post....
Soon i will try to post all the mutual malfunctions of the cars and how to fix it..Open-mouthed smile


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