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Chevrolet Volt a car that never goes to petrol station

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Chevrolet volt a car that never goes to petrol station... because we charge it from the house just like the cell phone!!
General Motors company announces that Chevrolet Volt is ready to order starting from 32,780$(Price after tax savings. Net price shown 

includes the full $7,500 tax credit.

 $40,280  with federal tax savings from

 $0 up to $7,500.)

It is true that the car is not a unique elegance to the remarkable degree ,But 

the distinction lies in that it simply does not need to go to any gas station

 never  Because they are charged from the house just like your mobile phone!

This car comes with a charger cable so you can charge it in you house.
The  Chevrolet volt with fully charged battery can walk a distance 64Km before it needs to be recharged again.
You might think that the distance of 64 km per charge is a short distance (especially for fans of movement and travel) 
But  a specific study showed that 75% of Americans daily cross the 65 km back and forth to their places of work. 
  But what if the charge of  the battery becomes empty and you are in the middle of the road? (I forgot to charge it in the morning for example!)
Simple .. Can be gas-powered car as well and can walk a distance of 482 miles when the gas tank full.(which make it the best Hybrid car)
But if you are in the USA don't worry from forgetting charging your car because the american  ministry of Electricity has a plan for the deployment of 15,000 electric charging stations across the united states.

The United States and most countries in the world's advanced environment-friendly encourages  projects that use alternative energy sources for gasoline, so the buyer gets the car to reduce the taxes of up to $ 7,500 U.S.
  In the sense that the actual price of the car is 33.500 dollars (the price of a superb modern technology in this way).

The car moves with a speed of 100 mph and can reach 60 mph(mile per hour)  from stability in 8.5 seconds.
Welcome in the future!! 
Finally, we should not be overly optimistic with  this new technology because it is the first time that they provide electrical car with specifications that suit our daily needs , so expect problems or errors or defects (will not be a surprise) but it is certainly a very big step to greater reliance on energy clean in our daily lives and more away from dependence on oil and depleting sources of energy.
The future's question is :How to generate electricity in stations using a theoretical  way?
I think that the power plant oil palm in the UK gives us an idea of ​​the answer to this question!


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