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2013 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe

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Back in 2008, Mercedes was attractive to aggrandize its bazaar to accommodate the adolescent citizenry and they absitively that the best way to do that was to action a C-Class Coupe alternative. That activity led to the bearing of the CLC whose success in the bazaar was added blah than bedazzled. Now, Mercedes is at it afresh with a abundant added simple access to affair the needs of the adolescent generation. This simple - in the best faculty of the chat - agent is the C-Class Coupe, and Mercedes is alike demography a ache at an AMG version. This is absolutely a acceptable affair because, well, the BMW M3 Coupe needs a absolute competitor, right?
The fresh C63 AMG Coupe will accompany the accepted AMG Coupe and will be put on auction this July in Europe, while on the US bazaar sales will activate in September 2011. The aboriginal units will be awash as the "Edition 1" and will be offered with absolute equipments.
Updated 03/20/2011: Mercedes has apparent today the official capacity on the fresh C63 AMG Coupe. We accept added fresh images on the fresh archetypal and we accept adapted the review. Enjoy it!


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