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Lamborghini Aventador comes with pushrod suspensions

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Lamborghini has revealed new details on the future Aventador set to be released in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Next to the impressive 700 HP V12 engine, the new supercar will also feature an innovative and highly sophisticated suspension concept.
First details of the concept reveal that the pushrod spring and damper was inspired by Formula 1 and adapted to a high-performance road-going vehicle. Next to this, the Aventador will also get an aluminum double wishbone suspension and a carbon ceramic brake system. The spring elements are not located on the wheel mounts, but connected inboard to the bodyshell structure. They are transversely positioned: under the windscreen in the front and close to the engine in the rear.
A new and innovative steering wheel system will also make it into the Aventador. The system has the ability to think its way through a bend adhering to the perfect line. All of these features will make the Aventador the most powerful super sports car ever to bear the sign of the bull.


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