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Porshe creates a great program that lets customers design their cars electronically

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Porshe always amazes us with its new car designs and new ideas,but i have never expected that they will  let users design their own Porshe and try it on computer ,Iphone and Ipad.
This idea will let customers to choose their own car that satisfy  their needs and they will try it on their devices before buying it.

Porsche  designed a new electronic program, allowing potential customers the possibility of designing their own vehicles from model Porsche 911, on the Internet, so that adds a special touch to the customer at the car from all sides, different angles, backgrounds .

The program will enable the interactive 3D , and the imagination of the customer will come out by the 911 new car exactly. And thus allow the company to draw a lot of detail amended, such as the use of wood, or Aluminum, or leather in the development of the final touches, in addition to the use of different forms of the sport seats, and the edges of the car.

In addition to the panoramic vision of the car from all directions, users can, to experience leadership Virtual dynamic driving feel so directly, and that the program is compatible with the applications smart phones "iPhone", and Tablet PC "iPad."


Johnny said on :

what a wonderful idea
i wish they put it on android market

mimo said on :

maybe it will be put on android but it will enter it just after it gets more popular

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