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8 ways to increase your car's price

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When you want to sell your car, you may not think of things that can be very simple solutions, and can help you buying your cars with a high price. But that layer, which distort the image of your car, that is, those stains on the Seats and small burns, it can reach to potential buyers a message that you were not giving your car the care and maintenance required. 
And can cost you huge amounts of such maintenance.

Here's Gutierrez says director of automotive calendar In the Kelly Blue Book "you can negotiate to get between $ 300 to $ 500 extra, if your vehicle subject to good hygiene." 
Said Lauren Fix, an expert in car care and speaking on behalf of the Car Care Council, that the value of Any car medium can multiply up to two thousand dollars or more when you sell the car after the vehicle is subject to washing and cleaning of the full without having to carry out small repair them. 
There are 8 easy solutions to improve the status of the car So can be sold at better prices: 

1 - get rid of the pale color 

Avoid spending huge amounts of money to get a new car. Instead, cut a little bit of wax and blinking in the waxing and polishing the car. Is the ideal way to add More than the value of the car. 

In the case of fading color your car, try to open the door and examined within the framework of the door, and is well known that the area within the framework of the door is rarely subject of cleanliness The rays of the sun or chemical irritants, and therefore be identical to the color of the region to put the car original. You should be aware that waxing and polishing, no matter how powerful and effective, will not be able to repeat her first car, but at least can be Gives you a bit of beauty to continue to care.

2 - maintain the sheen of the car 

When washing your car, experts advise not to use soap used in washing clothes or washing liquids used in the bathrooms. To maintain the Shines private car use liquids that were originally manufactured to take care of the car shine. 

3 - bright lights 

A range of cleaning products on the market that can clean and polish the plastic sheeting of the lamps Vertical front, and all can be cleaned in a flash. There are a lot of material that can lead the work of cleaning effectively. By Laurie Fix the Car Care Council. 

4 - tires Sparkling 

Make clean windows The new car looks bright, and have high value. Devoted time to clean all dirt from the dust of the material attached to the tires. You can also polish the tires to make the tires look like new. 

Remove the pedals and the floor of the car, If it can be cleaned. In the event that the pedals were worn simply buy elsewhere. Fortunately, these pedals probably cheap price For example, a set of rubber pedals can be purchased at attractive Local market value of not more than 20 or $ 30. 

And bring new pedals you only clean the rest of the internal departments of the car. Once emptied of your business initiative to clean and treat the skin, and can use a vacuum cleaner Cleaning the floors in the rest of the car. 

5 - Buy detergents for cars 

Lauren repeated warnings against the use of laundry soap in cleaning the car, and you'll note that the material inside the car are different from those used Furniture cleaner in the house. 

6 - File processing the car in preparation for sale 

Can you prove that your car battery new? Care and that you drive regularly, all you need to prove, which is why you should keep a file Maintenance and repair records of the car in a special file. In addition to providing directory, the file kept by the dating of the periods during which the vehicle maintenance and repair proves you should know the size of the car. 

Also prefer to keep the report on the history of The car from a well-known, so that you can put the file on the new buyers when making a purchase of the car. 

7 - Use the simplest tools for maintenance and repair 

If your car suffers burning headlights or tail, all You need to do is to replace the lamps. If your car at some point in their life suffer some peeling chrome on the grille of the engine should be replaced and the replacement of the logo as well, as long as the replacement will be costly. And should be followed up Light signals, which indicate the need for oil changes and if the back of the light indicates the need to examine the car's engine, then that problem is very simple and inexpensive. The chance that any negligence in the repair or renovation would raise questions with the new buyers. Remember that Any damage suffered by the car reduces its value to unsustainable levels that do not. 

If your car is worth more than 40 thousand dollars or so, your car deserves the pay generously to clean out all the details and the polished . 

8 - generosity on the repair and restoration of the car 

With the availability of such a car, the difference between the cleanliness of the extraordinary and leaving dirty can be a difference in the sale of thousands of dollars, so the car deserves to spend the . 

Do not ignore the scratches and dents in the bodywork, as you provide all that is necessary to repair the vehicle before the sale. In case of lack of money to repair the full, it can be simply corrected some minor scratches. . And can be disposed of Each other by polishing. And restore operations to avoid indentations because that can lead to distortion of the car and reduce its value.


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