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Car Infographics: NHTSA Vehicle Theft Prevention

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NHTSA vehicle theft prevention

car theft rate has increased in the last few years and thieves have discovered new ways to steal your car more easily,so here are some tips to help you prevent that..
No one wants to walk out of their front door in the morning and find that their car has been unexpectedly snatched up by someone else. Although it would be an amazing excuse to get out of work, you don’t want to deal with the hassle that follows. Unfortunately an estimated $64 Billion worth of vehicles are stolen every year and only 57% of those vehicles are recovered.

What makes these numbers worse is that about half of the vehicles stolen were taken due to driver error. All this means is that the vehicles were up for grabs due to the keys being left in the ignition or the doors being left unlocked. It’s a shame, but it happens. In fact, it happens even more often if you live in California, Florida, or Texas, which are the three top states for automotive theft. Break that down to the top ten cities for automotive theft and you’ll discover that California has six cities on it.
Bottomline: You may not be able to convince douchebags to not steal cars for a living, but you can at least take every necessary precaution to make sure you are not a victim. Get a car alarm, lock up your doors, and make sure you take the keys out of the ignition.


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