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New Kia picanto 2011

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My opinion about the new Kia Picanto

The kia company have made lots of customizations in the design of kia picanto:

  • For the front view they converted it into a more teenagers car design
  • They added new trims with a very beautiful design .
  • For the dashboard they have developed a new steering wheel that is better than the old one.

I think that Kia have made a pretty good car that is very efficient in consumming fuel(consumes less than the old one).

Full Specification:

A pair of new engines will be offered: the 68bhp/69lb ft 1.0-litre three-cylinder Kappa petrol engine (other markets may take bi-fuel versions) and an 84bhp/89lb ft 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol Kappa unit. Kia claims each is significantly cleaner than before: CO2 ratings stretch from 95-105g/km. Stop-start will be available in the UK, nudging those carbon figures down as low as 90g/km. Buyers can pick a five-speed manual or a four-speed auto 'box. Makes you realise that many conventionally fuelled superminis and city cars now dodge under the tax-crucial 100g/km limit. In the UK, that spells free road tax - making us wonder how long it will be before the Government moves the goalposts again.

When can we buy the new Picanto?

Five-door Picantos arrive in spring 2011, while the three-door lands in autumn 2011. The new interior photo issued today reveals a slicker design for Kia's city car. The silver graphic sweeps across the dash, and there appears to be less shrapnel from a low-rent plastic factory than in today's Picanto. A good thing.


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